Saturday, November 5, 2011

How you can help from home

Be Heard! Demand a response from local politicians.

On Friday October 28th 2011 the members of Occupy Allentown began contacting local officials for their public opinions of the Occupy Movement as well as examples of their personal efforts to aid "the 99%". We also contacted several local media outlets to encourage them to ask our local politicians these same questions.      

If for no other reason than to force our politicians to educate themselves about the issues facing "the 99%" ... we are encouraging YOU to get involved!      

More info:

Michael D’Amore (Allentown City Council President)
Michael D’Amore spoke publicly about "Occupy" durring the Oct. 19th 2011 City Council meeting.
A audio recording of his comments can be heard here

"Last week I had the occasion to stop by the Occupy Allentown demonstration and speak with some of our fellow citizens who've spent a great deal of time there, in the last few weeks including camping out over night. This is at the corner of Seventh and Hamilton street.

My visit was prompted by an article in the Morning Call that indicated that their first amendment rights might possibly be compromised by the city, and I was greatly concerned by that. After speaking personally with the solicitor, Mr. Snyder, and the police chief, Mr. Maclean, I was assured that the first amendment rights of these citizens would be protected by the city, and I want to thank those officials as well as Mayor Pawlowski, for insuring that free speech and free expression continues in the city of Allentown.

I applaud the citizens of occupy Allentown and encourage my colleges to stop by and have a dialog with the folks at Seventh and Hamilton street. I found after speaking with many of them, even as we spoke on issues where there is disagreement , such as eminent domain for the arena, that the people I spoke with were very committed to social change and were reflecting a deep seeded concern for the future of our country and that is something that many of us share.

So I salute them and support them."       

Get involved now at:

Thank you for your support!

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